Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Busy hands

Girl Child finally has a finished hand-knitted jumper, one that fits and everything! But, you guessed it, it wasn't knitted by me. That honour goes to my mother. Now that she is no longer being treated with chemo, Mum's shakes have gone and she was keen and able to make something for Girl Child while she could, aware that Toddler Boy has had a Granny-knitted item in his wardrobe for months now.

I'd like to say Girl Child relished the gift but ... she didn't. Which 5 year old would?

I can say though that this 37 year old appreciates it, loves it and will treasure it, probably for ever.

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Kymmie said...

There is nothing with more love and care in it than something handmade for our children. The photograph that goes with this is just beautiful and I have tucked away for memories the handmade things that my mother in law and gradmother in law made for my boys. Always to be treasured! xx