Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Still waters

Liverpool skyline and River Mersey, from Seacombe, Wirral.

There are so many water analogies in English, you could say there is one for every occasion. So, although I'm back on dry land, I feel all at sea, struggling to keep my head above water.

The children and I enjoyed some beautiful days with my mother and I know I'll be holding onto those memories with a vice-like grip in the coming months. There are storms ahead and not one of us can predict what damage will be left in their wake.


Lesley said...

: (

I'm sitting up reading when I should be sleeping. I hope you can try to get some good sleep during this turbulent time. Hard as it is, try to take some small comfort in the small things - the children's routines, the spring flowers appearing, your knitting needles... take care.

Lavender Hearts said...

Thanks Lesley, hope you're now sound asleep, peacefully dreaming!